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Default Re: If you could be air-dropped to fish anywhere in America....

@venceinak: that's the best post IMO. Nothing like wanting more quality time with your father who probably taught you to fish. I know that's the case for me. Be sure to tell him you "dream." It would make his day!


He indeed is the one who taught me to fish, & he taught me that it's about more than big fish or lots of fish.
It's about having fun & time spent with people you enjoy. He was always patient & more interested in my next fish than his. Wish I was as good with my son. Hard shoes to fill.
And I have shared that dream with him. We will see...
Last year I took him out with my 9yr old son & I up here last year chasing dollies with the fly rods & beads. It was the 1st time he'd used a fly rod in probably close to 30 yrs & the 1st time he had fished for trout or dollies in well over 20 yrs. He landed a few & you could tell he enjoyed it far more than the salmon or halibut fishing he usually does up here.
He slipped & took a spill in some pretty fast water when I was around a corner & couldn't see him. Got out ok but ended up soaked. Was standing at the truck in his tighty-whiteys drying out & eating a sandwich when a trooper came by & did a license check. None of us mentioned it Little black bear wandered out not 30 yds from us & snagged a salmon, Got to see some nice brown bear along the road in the Kenai. A year of great memories for 3 generations to share.
Vance in AK.

Matthew 6:33
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