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Default Re: Wooly Bugger or Crayfish fly?

Just watched a youtube on the Near Nuff Crayfish.... aYe!

Not something I would tie. There are much simpler versions in wool if you ask me.

Big thing to me is a mottled brown/olive color and get them to sink pretty much flat. Other thing is to watch the stripping. Crayfish tend to sprint up to 4' maybe then rest and sink for a bit then another sprint.

The simple versions I have tied and have fished are more about making the suggestion of a crayfish in shape, color behavior and then play keep-away with it. Show it to the fish, then make the fly 'swim' like it is swimming for its life in sheer terror.

Hard part about the version I tie out of wool yarn, marabou, a saddle and a turkey tail slip for a shell back is tying in 2-4 small clouser eyes on top of the shank and spacing them to sink the fly almost flat and add width the the body at the front end of the crayfish.
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