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Default Re: Do I Need A Special Rod For Alaska?

I've been fishing Alaska for 10 years, mostly south-central Alaska. Here are my rods.

St. Croix Imperial 8'6" 5 wt. - Small stream trout, grayling, and dollies
Orivis Hydros 9'6" 6 wt. - Kenai rainbows and dollies
St. Croix Imperial 10' 8 wt. - Pinks, Chum, Sockeye, Silver, Steelhead

My advice for folks coming to AK to fish the road system is to have a rod/line combo that you can roll cast pretty well and most importantly have a reel with a good drag.

I've fished the Russian many times but have had way to many close calls on that river. The water is loud, the banks are brushy, and it's way to easy to have bears walk right up on you from behind without seeing them until it's too late. Combine that with the large crowds and it makes for a not so relaxing day of fishing. Because of the easy access and loads of fish, this will always be a popular spot.

I carry a 44. magnum. It seems like a pea shooter when a Russian River brownie is 10 feet away. The best thing to do is to make lots of noise and fish with other people.

With all that being said, just be smart. Don't let bearanoia ruin you day on the river.

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