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Default Re: Sink Tip? 15'? 24'? Sink Line?

Man this is kind of a personal preference question. When I fish a sinking line it's just that, not a sink tip the whole line sinks. I also like that clear scientific anglers line. Also if you want to cast 70 or 80+ feet get a slow sink and drop your weight down a notch otherwise your rod will be overloaded. For instance my latest sink tip i am throwing on my loomis pro 4 x 10' 7 wt. I am throwing a 6 wt sinking line that sinks at 2-4 inches per second. That works great swinging flies in slow current or stripping in no current. Look at my video in the rainbow trout pics section that fish was caught on this exact setup. Go clear and go lighter than you think you need that's my advice.
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