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Default Nymphs for smallmouth bass?

Yesterday i was fishing with my 3 weight for the stocked browns in the creek near my house. I was drifting a size 14 bead head hares ear and a size 16 red copper john bead head. I saw the line hesitate for an instant and raised the rod. I thought i had one of the huge 20" stockers, but after a very fun battle i brought to hand an 18inch smallie. I have never seen this happen. Anyone nymph for smallmouth bass and catch nice ones consistently?. He ate the size 16 copperjohn. It looked tiny in his mouth. I never thought this possible. Such a big fish eating such a tiny fly. i have caught some dinks with nymphs, but anyone get nice fish consistently with nymphs? i really love to fish with nymphs for trout, never really considered it a viable option for bass, after yesterday i'm wondering. If anyone is successful doing this, what are your go to flies and fly sizes. Thanks
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