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Default I am addicted to fly fishing for carp,

only problem is i can't seem to catch them consistently. The river i fish is very clear, and the carp are super spooky. I live in upstate new york, and was wondering if any of you guys could give me some advice on what flies to try. Any one here fish for carp in new york.? My main issue is finding a fly that gets down fast in current, but doesn't sound like a rock being thrown in the water. I can't seem to figure out what they are eating. I have many shots, but they seem to spook 99% of the time. Crayfish are abundant in the river i fish, but the carp seem to like smaller flies than the average crayfish. I have seen they rising to cottonwood seeds, anyone have a simple pattern to imitate these? I have never been so frustated fishing in my life. I used to bowfish, but after watching a carp eat a fly and listening to my fly reel buzz, i just can't do it anymore. I have come to find that carp are by far the smartest fish i have ever attempted to catch. When fishing a river, what is the best way to present the fly. is it from upstream? The two i have caught, thats how it worked. I have been out 12 times this year and haven't even had a take. Just frustration. Also, anyone notice carp being leader shy, i am using 3x flouro as a tippet, should i drop to 4x. All the carp tips i have read have been written about lakes or flats fishing, is there a different technique in a river? I know they are difficult to catch, but two carp in two years is very very poor results.And there is no way i am giving up, because i just wanna see my backing again. For some reason, the carp in this river aren't found in the shallows. They are in the deep holes. i never find them tailing in inches of water. I only cast to the tailers, but they are deeper. They also seem to cruise the same route sucking up food, but i just can;t seem to get them to eat no matter what. Any tips on fishing for carp in a very clear river would be helpful, fly suggestions would be great.
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