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Default Re: Cabelas L-Tech on Sale FYI

Originally Posted by trout trekker View Post
This is a classic example of getting a little to far off the beaten path. Iíve had one of those in my hand several times over at the Boomtown store and as drawn as I am to the other elements of that rod. I just canít get past the lack of a reel seat spacer. The idea of my pricey reels, ď Hanginí Ten Ē from that hardware just bugs me. Maybe Iím to set in my ways, but to me, this is where great potential runs smack dab into some rod manufacturers beta testing wall.

Close, but no cigar. TT
I can certainly see that. Perhaps that explains low sales and perhaps they are just moving them out. Hope they use good adhesives! On the other hand I work for an airplane and submarine manu and how many items are "glued" together would give anyone the willies if testing didn't prove otherwise. I have had the cork rotate on a much more expensive rod, so cant say I havnt been warned!
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