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Default Re: I am addicted to fly fishing for carp,

Glad to see you are feeding your addiction! All good advice above. It is really hard to know exactly how to help without seeing your water, etc., but my #1 rule for carp on the fly is the KEY for basically everything that follows on my waters:

Know your forage.

Out here, they eat clams...that lack of a need to pursue dictates all fly choice, method etc. On Lake MI, they eat gobies and crayfish, so again, that dictates methods, gear, flies etc. If you are not sure what they are eating...find out. Spend some time observing the fish, dig around in the river to get a good sense of the available forage in the areas that you see them feed...stuff like that. The forage not only dictates the fly, but how you fish said fly so knowing what they eat is vital. I tell guys all the time that there is no one magic fly for all carp, but there is probably one magic fly for your carp.

Truth is that most carp are very difficult to catch, but once you figure out what they eat and can present something that triggers a visual response in a manner the fish is used to seeing without spooking that'll crack the code and start catching them regularly. These are well developed fish, and it takes a lot of work to figure them out which is what makes them so much fun!

For what it's worth, my other three rules (again, these apply mainly to my home fish because of rule #1)

Don't cast until you can see their head.

You gotta make 'em move.

To catch more carp, cast at less

Good luck man!
John Montana

Carp on the Fly
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