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Default Re: Should We Suspend Swaps For The Summer????

I was just pondering the question and issues concerning internet swaps. Speaking personally, I believe when I engage in any civilian based internet "dealings" I do so with a degree of risk taken on my part.

Ard and Larry, here, represent the order and integrity, while would be scammers lurking around fishing forums on the net represent the dishonesty and dishonor.

When I send off flies I hold neither truly responsible if something happens to go wrong. Everyone should know that with internet dealings it's a buyer beware environment. We should take responsibility for our choice to engage in internet swaps that could fail for some reason.

Maybe there could be a waiver of understanding, one that cultivates integrity and makes the user accountable. Swaps could be held by those members who have demonstrated integrity, have participated in a number of swaps, and have been around long enough to establish themselves as a contributing member of the forum. Also it should be understood, and part of the post, when signing up for every swap, that you do so at your own risk. Aswell, a blurb of content on the recent "building integrity campaign". Propaganda really works, even good propaganda. Like those so many days without an accident signs at the workplace.
Just some ponderings not meant to be pushy
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