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Default Re: Family trip advice WY,MT, ID

I tried fishing the Koshka river in the Bitterroot last year and didn't have any success at all. I still don't know whether it's because I was trying to use southwest angling flies and techniques that may not work there, or because there's no fish!

The latter is a possibility, because I also was fishing the Salmon river in Stanley Idaho, catching nothing but 4" trout, until a local came up and said, don't bother, there's nothing bigger in that river.

Strange stuff.

The only moderate success I had in Idaho was in some small creeks in the Sawtooths, where I was able to have fun catching 6-8" fish. Still don't know whether they were brooks or the so called "bull trout."

If any Idahoans here could shed some light on the matter of fishing those rivers, I'd like to hear.
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