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Default Well, THAT was interesting....

Had a great evening fishing one of the nearby ponds. Lovely place, set back in the woods, crystal clear water, full of bass and bluegill. I had a ball using a tiny chartreuse popper, and neither the bass nor the gills seemed to want anything else.

As I was working around the shoreline, I spooked a water snake in the grass and a few inches of water. He spooked me pretty good, too, until I realized it was a water snake and not a cottonmouth. He settled half in the water and half out, about six feet away, and stayed still, so I just ignored him and kept fishing.

I caught a couple more small bass, and then I hooked a bluegill and was pulling it through the grass in the shallows when the snake took notice. I was just reaching for my leader when he shot across in front of me like a flash and grabbed my fish. So I'm standing there with a bluegill on my hook just a few feet away, and a very determined water snake hanging onto the fish's body.

I didn't really want the snake, so I was just about to clip my leader when the hook pulled out. I spent a while watching the snake try to eat a fish that was a good bit bigger than he was. He had the fish about halfway into his mouth when I decided to move elsewhere and leave him alone. I certainly hope he appreciated my helping him catch his dinner.

So when you catch a fish, but a snake steals and eats it, is it still considered "catch-and-release?" Maybe "catch-and-feed-to-other-wildlife?"

Jesus said, "Go fishing!" (Luke 5:4). He said nothing about monthly reports, budgets, cost variances, manpower planning, or orders forecasts.

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