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Default Re: Nymphs for smallmouth bass?

Thanks for all the replies guys. I think the main reason i was so shocked is usually around the time the bass start hitting, i stop nymphing for the trout. The stream is a put and take trout fishery. Not sure if any trout hold over at all as it gets pretty warm by august, but it is a great smallmouth stream. With quite a few fish 18+ inches. It is also very lightly fished, people around here seem to have forgotten they have legs and only fish the easy to access spots. I might just give those big nymphs a try, lots of hellgramites there, and it seems it would be pretty efficient to drift in my kayak and drift a big old nymph. . I have never caught a smallie on a dry fly, mainly because i really never try it. I usually throw something big and fuzzy, with enough weight to get down in the deepest holes. Always seemed to work for me, but i would like to expand my horizons this year. Thanks for all the tips guys.

P.S really like the looks of that fly big jim, going to have to tie some up.
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