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Default Re: I am addicted to fly fishing for carp,

Thanks for the insight guys. I will have to try lengthening my leader. I was using a 9 foot leader, maybe a 12 foot leader would help. I really am looking forward to casting to the carp that are rising to cottonwood seeds, i see this all of the time in my river but have yet to try fishing the seed hatch.I love the Carponthefly blog. i've read the whole thing. Lots of great info there. I live in ontario county, new york and have yet to ever run across another carp fly fisherman, guys shoot them here, which i think makes them even harder to catch. I never claimed to be smart, but to be outsmarted by a fish on a regular basis is slightly disheartening. I feel like if i can catch these fish, i can catch anything. I love to bowhunt , and fly fishing for these carp and getting just one to eat is like hunting with a fly rod. I get the same adrenaline rush as i do hunting. I just want to make it happen more, and i'm going to(i hope). I think you are right johnmontana, i need to spend more time observing, patience is the name of the game it seems with these fish. And also, i need to wait for the perfect shot. See, just like bowhunting . Again, thanks guys, hopefully if it quits raining this weekend, i'll get at them again. If i catch any i'll post pictures, it's funny how they seem to get less ugly after you catch one. Oh and fichy, what size flies do you typical use here? The river i fish is full of all sorts of food morsels, scuds, all types of nymphs, hellgramites, crayfish, leeches, you name it it's there and abundant. The fish are all very fat. I am going to tye some of those cottonwood seed flies, already have the materials. To hook just one of those monsters like that would make my year.
Thanks Matt
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