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Default Re: I am addicted to fly fishing for carp,

Matt, I find sizes 6-12 work for me. I generally use crayfish imitations in 6-8, leeches in 6-10, and nymphs and carp worms in 8-12. If you have mulberry trees anywhere on the river you fish they are carp favorites. Black bunny leeches will imitate not only leeches, but nymphs and small hellgramites. The rabbit gives excellent movement in current. I've found it very effective. I've spent lots of time on the Salmon River east and north of you, but have spent very little near your area. Do you have an estuary you fish , or flats on the lake near you? I've been curious if there are any carp on the flats like Michigan anywhere on the big O. I know no one of the many people I've met in your area that fly fish for carp, you truly are out on your own. I know the feeling. If the river you fish has any runs of steel or salmon- EGG flies.
Often I'll find large carp that will stay in an area , but refuse to feed because they know you are there. As apex predators, they know you present a possible danger, but not enough to make them flee. Stealth is really necessary with carp, more than almost any other fish. If a carp continues to feed, you still are in the game- if it stops- it's over. In shallow currents I use a Mulberry fly tied with foam as an indicator with a nymph on a dropper below it. This sometimes gets a very difficult presentation in place.
Just remember carp pick up vibrations very well- don't grind rocks underneath your feet when wading, the long leaders help too, as it keeps the slap of the fly line farther away. I pretty much use 12' leaders. Sometimes longer, but then I may sacrifice accuracy. Think as gentle a presentation as you can make. I'll underline my 6 wt. with a 4 or 5 wt. line when using smaller flies. Good hunting, and I hope you put up some reports of your success.

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