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Default Re: How to get started?

I'm probably in the minority about this, but I vote for a decent quality fly tying kit. I started with a "kit" over 45 years ago. It gave me all the basics I needed to get started. It's a fairly inexpensive way to get started. In my book, there is no sense in spending $2oo bucks (or more) just to find out you don't like it. Try spending $50 to $70 to get a halfway decent kit. You'll end up with some basic tools and enough material to tie a boat load of flies. Once you decide that you are really interested in continuing, you will end up spending a "boat load" more money, for sure. But, if you decide that tying is not for you, you aren't out a bunch of cash. BTW, until about 3 years ago, I used the SAME vice I started with over 45 years ago! Good luck and welcome aboard!
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