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Default Re: Alaskans to D.C.: Stop Pebble Mine From Destroying 14,000 American Jobs

Originally Posted by littledavid123 View Post
We havn't permitted a new oil refinery in 30 years
True that, but did the echo chamber also inform you of how many refineries were closed 30-35 years ago to drive supply down and prices up? You may think that the oil companies have nothing but the best intentions for this country at heart but many of us 'feel' otherwise... especially after being held hostage by them over the years.
Originally Posted by littledavid123 View Post
but who is draining us of our cash?
Are you honestly trying to convince me (us) that the oil companies aren't into everyones pockets both directly AND indirectly? The fact they are the most profitable companies around doesn't tell you just a little something?
I don't think businesses are evil as they once were but modern big businesses with their 'next quarter' mindset ARE evil.
If you were refering to government being in our pockets big-time, I said back in the '70's that someone would have to make up for the lost taxes that shipping millions of jobs offshore would cost us. I ain't no Harvard wiz kid but even I could see the problems that outsourcing, top-heavy , outlandish exec pay and short-term profit takers would bring down upon this country. I was right, the bean counters were wrong but then they knew that. They knew that far fewer people would make out like bandits with their schemes and those few, say 1% of the populace, are sitting prettier than their wildest dreams. These are the same people those who cry like babies because they, gasp, might be asked to make up for the lost tax base that they themselves caused.
In the country our forefathers handed us (remember it?) the envy of the world and the richest, happiest country on the planet, everyone prospered. Now you would probably call it Socialism because everyone was fairing well but it worked. We had VERY wealthy people back then, our tax coffers were flush with money and everyone could afford living a decent lifestyle because business owners back then knew that paying employees here meant customers for their goods.
Sorry about the rant but I just get sick and tired of people cheerleading those who put the screws to us ever tighter.
I'm told by the echo chamber that a poor man never gave them a job. To that I say, when that poor man had a job and was paid a fair days wage for a fair days work and didn't have to compete with Communist Red Chinese wages to hold a job here, they created jobs simply buy being one of millions of Americans who were good consumers, workers and tax payers who didn't hide their tax payment in the Caymans and such.
I guess the bottom line is that the oil companies are very far from being the great Americans you would have us think they are. They own this country through their ability to buy politicians and cable 'news' networks.

Let's go fishing while the waters still support that species.

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Originally Posted by stenacron View Post
Food for thought; 14,000 local jobs rely on that Bristol Bay fishery... and that's a pretty impressive number that generates much fanfare. Conversely a large chunk of the global economy and 100% of civilized society's life style (worldwide) rely on mining.

The funny part is, the power to stop Pebble Mine (or any mine) is well within the power of the people, and they wouldn't have to do much at all. Just cut off the demand, and those that are currently willing to spend and lend $4 billion to make the supply would be forced to fold up the tents. So the question is, how many of us are willing to give up all of our possessions that rely on the extraction of precious and/or base metals?
Just take a look around from exactly where you're sitting right now... how many things in your sight were "grown" and how many were mined?
Shame on all of us for our insatiable dependency on material possessions. We have only ourselves to blame for Pebble.
In your post you mention very little about another item everyone absolutely needs, food. That's actually quite important stuff in some circles.
The number of jobs the bay as it stands now might not impress but the volume of good, clean, wholesome and naturally renewable food should. If we can keep this one little source of food clean and available for decades to come who knows... there might somehow be big money in that for some Canadian carpetbaggers.
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