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Default Re: Not fly ... but spin

Alot of people that use type of handle use electrical tape to secure the reel, check out BPS and you can find the "nickname" of that type handle. Possibly a Tennessee handle, but not sure. You can fine tune the balance of the rod/reel since you can move it up/down the handle.

The guides are not in a straight line so that alot of the stress when you hook a bigger fish is spread out over more of the rod than if the guides were in a straight line or normal manner. I've heard of this style of guides on trolling rods but they are usually the bigger/heavier rods for the bigger fish.

I would not think your rod is a heavy weight rod since the method of attaching the reel is suspect to coming loose imo unless taped up securely. I suspect the rod is "jigging" rod, used in dropping lures down into brush piles or around stumps, etc., aka "single poling" or "jiggin" style of fishing for crappie or other panfish. Catching a 1.5lb + crappie on a very whippy or UL long rod of 9' will put some stress on the rod, especially if in a brush pile, and the fish makes a run for the bottom of the brush pile.

Is the rod fairly whippy?
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