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Default Re: I am addicted to fly fishing for carp,

Thanks Charlie. I fish the canandaigua outlet, it drains from canandaigua lake, one of the finger lakes. Lake ontario is only about 40 minutes away or so. It doesn't get runs of steelhead, but i i think the carp may feed off eggs during the sucker spawn. Lots of suckers in there. As far as flats, it seems as though both canandaigua and seneca lakes drop off fairly quickly, not sure about lake ontario.. I don't have a boat, but i don't think there is really flats in the finger lakes. They were apparently formed at the same time by a giant glacier. Really the canandaguia outlet is nothing but a little stream. It's running very low right now. I find the carp in the deep slower pools. I am going to have to explore the lakes more, as i recently bought a kayak, only thing is although the lakes are small, the wind can make the water rough. I have the erie and barge canals fairly close to me as well, i read an article a guy wrote about fly fishing for carp there, have to check that out too. Thanks for the tips charlie, and if you are ever out this way, i know where to find some great smallmouth fishing. Thanks and i'll keep you posted.
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