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Default Lake Trout On fly

Hey everyone, I am going to be doing an experiment. I have 2 lakes i will be attempting to dial in and consistently catch lake trout. I chose these two particular lakes because this time of year after ice out i know where the lakers are and i know how to catch them. I just haven't attempted to catch them on a fly. I honestly don't really know why it has taken me this long to try this. i really want to get some 10 plus pounders in on a fly. I will be doing all catch and release, that is all i ever do and these fish it is especially important. I will post up on this thread what i learn and i will definitely be taking video. I video everything anymore and this will be no exception. If anyone has experience fly fishing lakers lets put up what we know on this thread these are really an awesome, and very large fish and i am disappointed in the information i find doing internet searches. Lets open it up. I personally will really appreciate any patterns or tips or anything anyone has for me and i will thoroughly test out everything i can. I have been tying smolt and kokanee patterns and i will also be throwing larger nymphs. If the situation is right a mouse fly will be going on as i have personally seen mice in the belly of a lake trout before my catch and release days. Anyway hope a few of you are as interested in this as i am.
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