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Default Re: Setting the hook for steelhead vs trout?

Originally Posted by sunkfly View Post
I swing flies for pretty large browns. My hookup rate has gone 'way up over the last few years as I have, finally, learned to let the fish pull out a loop of line before I set.

However, if I still fished nymphs I would set immediately on seeing a take...
This is very good information, Its all about what your fishing. If your running a flesh fly or nymph (same presentation) and you are not setting immediately upon seeing a strike you are missing a lot of fish. If you wait to feel them by the time that message goes to your brain gets processed and then you decide to set it is way to late most of the time. Swinging flies it depends on where it is at on the swing, but 90 percent of the time you should wait for the fish to turn away. Actually nvm you should always wait for the fish to turn away sometimes however due to usually you being able to see the fish, and it being early in the swing when it is not way downstream of you an immediate hookset is appropriate. You determine this by being confident that the fishes open mouth is not facing you. always set back into the fishes mouth. When indicator fishing lets say that you get the rare downstream strike. Instead of a typical strike your indicator races downstream. Usually this means a fish has turned and pursued your fly. The appropriate hookset in this situation is to set upstream the opposite direction of the current. If you set downstream you will pull the hook out of its mouth 9.9 times out of 10 in this particular situation. If your drift is still upstream of you and a upstream hookset wont work, a very high hookset is the next best thing.
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