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Default Re: Lake Trout On fly

Yeah ice out has generally been productive for me as well, jigging or trolling that is. One of the lakes I'm talking about is somewhat unique in that there are not any significant inlet streams the outlet is moderately sized probably 500-750 CFSat peak. It is a good sized lake 3 or 4 miles long and 1.5-2 wide and is fed by groundwater and small inlet streams coming in off of snowfields. It is fairly easy to find the fish in that lake though there is one corner of it that provides excellent structure with islands and large boulders and lots of schooling Kokanee. The second lake I'm talking about boast numerous major inlet streams the problem is that cant fish within 1/4 mile of any inlet stream. This is a rule put in place to protect spawning rainbows in may. It also has a very large lake trout population, ice fishing it is not uncommon to catch 10-20 a day consistently. 99 percent of these fish are around one pound though. I want to find the parents of those fish. This lake is 30 miles long and 1-3 miles wide and gets close to 700 feet deep in some spots. I know several areas on it where the salmon smolt pass by the shallows on there way to eventually the ocean and this is where I will be fishing.
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