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Default Re: 5-Weight Revamp


Thanks. I am getting a slight ridge all through the wrap the way I am doing it. I can live with it for now.

If I got my brain around what you were demonstrating above, the process is sort of passing of tension from one thread to the next, which makes sense now.

The difficult parts when I am not tired are getting the thread locked on in the first place. It tends to want to spiral itself off if I am below 3 rotations.

Need to do some more work to my rig as well. Just not happy with it and tired of fighting with it. It works, but not well. Need to add in the ability to keep a second thread tensioned too.

What blank is that? Am already looking at blanks for the next project and I am having a hard time finding one that is just finished (un-colored) graphite. Would really like a 2 piece dark grey, but black is close enough.
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