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Default Ever have one of those days...

So yesterday to celebrate Mom’s Day I took my wife and her best friend out onto Flaming Gorge Reservoir (near my house). It was beautiful out! I only have my drift boat, so I rigged up some buggers on a couple 5 weights and the 2 lovely ladies cast out and I rowed around and we sort of trolled while they soaked up the sun. They caught 11 good rainbows and had a blast!

That’s when things took a turn…

The wind came up and I had to work my butt off to get back to the truck or we would have been blown all the way to Utah. Ever row a drift boat against the wind a bit over 2 miles? I burned some calories! Exhausted, we decided to head home since the dirt gritted up the nice BBQ lunch we had planned, and in the process of loading the boat somehow the tip on my 9 foot XP got busted. That hurt. I hope Sage will fix it quickly - I need that rod! On the drive home the bucket I keep my anchor in blew out of the boat and hit our friends wind shield cracking it. No one was hurt, but it scared her. Then, 5 miles out of town I got a flat. Wow.

Anyway, we honestly laughed aboutour plight that evening while soaking in a hot tub and enjoying the night air, but for a bit it was looking like, “one of those days”

It got me wondering who else has had a bunch of different things go poorly while on an outing? Funny stories anyone?

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