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Default Re: Ever have one of those days...

I had one of those good/bad days. The good part is that I fished the Pecos and caught a bunch of nice fish. I really had a nice day fishing.

However, during that nice day:

About 10:00 am the wind kicked up in the canyon fast and took my hat off before I could get to the stampede strap. So, I was churning and thrashing downstream for a bit before I could stab the thing with my wading staff. I had a damp head for the rest of the day.

Around 1:00 pm, I was working a deep hole with a lot of visible fish. I wasn't doing too bad and had put on a Bugger and a small weight because the bigger fish weren't leaving the rocks for small stuff.

I was standing in ankle-deep water when I snagged the Bugger. I shifted my weight to begin sidling upstream to free the streamer when I was suddenly falling over. A rock had snuck up to my left foot and grabbed my big toe when I moved. I tossed my rod (Orvis SFT) to the side so I wouldn't crush it and prepared to take the fall.

I got soaked but otherwise went unscathed. Now the rest of me was damp for the rest of the day.

I got to my feet and looked around for my rod. Gone. It seems I tossed it right out into the current and it had drifted away. But it was snagged when I tumbled so I shuffled downstream (warily avoiding that grabby rock) and, sure enough, at the bottom the run, my rod was laying on the rocks under the water.

Whew. Rod recovered.

Then about 1:45 the wind kicked my hat off my head again and, once more, I chased it downriver for a little ways before capturing it.

Right around 2:30 I was hiking out to try a different section of river. I straddled a large piece of LWD and I felt a "snag" on the back of calf. I hopped the rest of the way over and looked at my leg. Nothing. I reached down to probe the area and a gash opened up and started seeping blood. Not a gusher but the hole was disturbing. I broke out my first aid kit, cleaned up the area and it wasn't as bad as it looked at first. I'd torn a large flap of skin and added a deep cut, but nothing stitch-worthy.

By the end of the day, despite bandages and gauze I'd soaked my gravel guards with blood.

But, I really had a nice day fishing .
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