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Default Re: Longevity of waders

I've tried most of them, and they all leak after a year or so (I go fly fishing all the time, and I give them pretty heavy use).

All waders always leak at the seams, which you can glue to fix every so often.

Orvis just came out with "sonic seam" or welded (melted) plastic with no stinkin' seams. Really, no seam thread at all in the waders. They are melted together at the factory!

A little pricey at $259, but I think they are worth every penny.

I've had a pair of "convertible" sonic waders for a few months now, and I love them. Very comfy, easy to get on and off, and I really don't think they will leak for a awful long time!

Edit: When every company says "Sonic" it's just to copy Orvis and mix you up. They all have stitches and glue like every wader ever made ........ except Orvis! the new technology "sonic seam" means melted together with no stinkin' glue or thread. Even Orvis has "sonic" which is just a name? Only the sonic seam Convertible has melted plastic..... that's why all the old style stitched waders are on sale!
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