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Default Re: Longevity of waders

the longrvity depneds on several things; the quality of waders you invest in, how much they are used, what conditions you put them through, how well you maintain them. if your going to be using them alot, going to be rough with them, or going to be in harsh conditions then invest in a higher quality, you get what you pay for (leakes are going to happen no matter which you choose). ive known people to get a cheap pair and they didnt last long, others invested the money into a good pair, maintained them, and have lasted for years. i have a pair of Simms Freestones, 3 years of use, hiking, climbing over trees and rocks, have not had any issues. my best friend owns a pair of Orvis, 12 years of use, used to be a guide in Colorado and is pretty rough of them and they are still in working condition.
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