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Default Re: Longevity of waders

i got about 300 days out of my G4's before they leaked through a seam. I had a few sockeye rigs make it through the layers though. Nothing a little shoe goo wont fix. The seems that went were on the butt and the drift boat seat wore through them finally. I spend a lot of time on the oars. Thats two full guide seasons plus some fun fishing. I wear my g3 waist highs for most of my fun fishing i think they are g3 anyway they are definatly not as durable as the g4's but they are lighter, and i like that. most people cant get 300 days out of a pair of waders, this leads me to believe that storage is key, take some of the previous points with you and get a good pair of waders and they should last most people a decade.
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