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Default Nice fighting rainbow video i found

Hey everyone, fishing is closed in all rivers around here for may and the ice isn't out for another couple days so no lake trout fishing yet. I just purchased a new computer and i have a couple go pro cameras. I just found a video of my first outing with my first go pro while i was uploading video. I will post up the link because it made me happy it was a fun fish. Note the ease of the hook coming out of his mouth almost all of my trout fishing is barb-less. (sometimes forget to pinch them) What do you guys think of the handling? I turned the volume up a bit in parts so you could hear some key things including us discussing the state of the fish. Out of water hold is a little controversial and honestly i think i am going to stop doing it. I have enough out of water shots. I still don't think its that bad if you know how to read the fishes condition and keep it brief, just unnecessary. Watch in the highest quality you can i looks bad otherwise.
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