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Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

Originally Posted by newby View Post
You had me until here.
If one of those China young girls made something bad ....... they would get their hands chopped off or maybe beat with a whip!

Here, in America, we have fat lazy stupid workers who will spit in your food if they get the chance!

I know that Orvis has "home based" craftsmen who make the world's best rods (but for a premium price) I don't mind ........ my Helios is wonderful, and I'm glad the builder made a good wage while making it!

Edit: Please disregard what I said about Orvis!

Four times I broke my Superfine 1wt, and Orvis fixed it for free with no questions asked. It's the best customer service in the world! I was just ranting about the cheap clippers in WalMart?

I love my Helios ........ I would have gladly paid $1000 for that rod!

Sorry for the rant ....... it's late. I caught 100 big Bluegills today with my Orvis stuff ...... no prob?
What I was complaining about is: All the clippers are made in China (probably the same factory) but Orvis charges four times as much as WalMart!

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