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Default Re: Single hand spey casting

Hey Ard,

Thanks for the reply. I will take it as "constructive" criticism. I agree with you. However, the only argument that I have to this is that I was grass casting. To load up the rod a little more on the grass, I attempted to get a larger d-loop. I do a ton of spey casting from the bank on my river. It has been barged out and is an average of 9-10' of depth, so wading is pretty much impossible. In the water and on the bank, I tend to place my anchor just in front of me, or in front of the bank. I will do a video on that soon. I have high banks behind me and lots of obstructions, so I'm usually casting in a 45 degree angle downstream, or perry poking to cast in more of an 85 degree, straight across.

the idea behind the grass casting that day was to gain a little more smoothness. Since you can pull your anchor point a lot easier on the grass, it forces me to pay more attention and, thus, forces me to be a lot smoother with my cast. I hope this makes sense.

Also, all constructive criticism is welcome. How would we learn without it!?

Dallas Lopez
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