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Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

I have never understood this concept.

Walmart hires many employees for extremely low wages so that it can work each of them 39 hours a week to do it at the cheapest, no benefit, level possible. Low labor costs and cheaper lower quality products is how they save you that nickel your *****ing about. While this is happening they are taking the employment market of your community and lowering average salaries and basically slowing the economy for the area. And then since someone who sees that they can save a dollar on a bottle of laundry soap they say well the other store has been ripping me off for years and quits going to that family run business that has been in your community for years, and it goes under.

Now that the small family run store is out of business they had to go take this low paying Walmart job, if they have found any job at all, and now they can't afford the products or services that you sell for work.

Congratulations you just shot yourself in the foot.

I'm not a good writer or speaker so I hope that made sense and I got the point across. For me, I work hard for my money and I CHOOSE (great part about living here is you get to choose) to buy American made stuff. I'll pay ten times to get something that was made or sold by a local small business over something I can order from china. And I will pay another ten times for good customer service.

My next set of nippers will be Abel's. Even if I had to save for three months just to buy nippers.
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