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Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

Originally Posted by swirlchaser View Post
What the heck? These sort of conversations normally pop up during the winter months.
LOL! Yeah, it was cold and windy the last couple days and I was upset with my Frog Hair Fluorocarbon tippet. I got the 6X, and they must have put 1X in that spool! My fault? I purchased for $20 and at WalMart I picked up much better, thinner, 5X for $1.96.

No more WalMart posts from me! It's 80 outside and I'm heading out for some 3wt Bluegill fun.

PS - Almost all of the local fly shops in central PA went out of business ..... I used to buy there all the time. I'm going to check out craft stores? I'm pretty sure that WalMart has some crafts in the super stores?

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