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Default Re: Fly fishing in Korea?

Originally Posted by stimpy v2 View Post
I'll be in Seoul Korea by July 4th. Any one know what species are there and what combo i should go with? (Weight,rod length, flies etc) I'm clueless but i really want to go fishing while I'm there. Any help us appreciated

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I lived in Seoul for the previous three years and fly fished all over the peninsula. The closest fishing to Seoul is for carp but that's in the Han River estuaries and it's not healthy. If you have a car I suggest heading east to the Odichon or Nurichon rivers and fish for Lenok. Or go to Pyongtek and fish for LMB. Recommend not going on Sundays because traffic gets really bad; turns a normal two hour trip into five hours. If you’re not used to driving in Asia I recommend hiring a guide because they know the area and can translate.
My best recommendation is to visit the River Fly Shop just outside of the Yongsan US Army base in Seoul. There's a guide there who can take you out for day trips, gives casting lessons or just pour over a map with you. I would buy flies and gear from him so advice was always accurate and free.
How long will you be in Seoul? If only for a short time I highly recommend hiring the River Fly Guide. There are also other fly shops and guides available in Seoul. Tonight I'll send you a link to my blog with all the links, info and pics.
If you’re in the market for a new rod then Korea is the place for you. You can buy imitation rods cheap. The Spider Fly Shop has tables full of rods for 40,000 won each.
As for gear. I always used my 8’6’ 5wt Helios or 4wt Loop rods fishing for trout and Lenok. Take your typical dry and wet fly assortment and you’ll be fine. My best Lenok flies were pink Parachute Adams, Light Cahills, Griffith’s Gnats, Elk Hair Caddis. I also had good luck with droppers tied to Black Wooly Buggers.
Wish I were going with you. I got a map with all my favorite fishing spots. I miss that place.
I’ll send more info tonight. I’m Kandahar so timing is way off. SF.

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