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Default Re: Sayin' Hey from Texas

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
Pictures = Photo Bucket

Copy the url ........ then put your cursor where you want the photo and right click / paste

And viola', picture is here........ Always use go advanced so you can preview before you hit the post button.

I was active on the KLR 650 . com forum for years and changed a lot of oil buddy
Thanks for the tip. I haven't used photobucket in a long time, but my wife does. Time to beg

I'm still riding an '03 Gold Wing. Probably will be the last in a long list of bikes. Been ridin since '69, but fishin is easier on my bones now days.

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Originally Posted by jpbfly View Post
Sax...looking forward to seeing some of your fishing pics
Thanks jpbfly. My Posting Rules says I can NOT post attachments. Does that include pics? If YES, Is there a minimum number of post or a membership fee to post pics? if NO...never mind
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