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Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

I can't believe what you're saying man that's crazy Im not all into American made, I'm just into quality. When you compare wall marts cheapest tippet or whatever to orvis's of course your going to see discrepancies. I suggest you do some strength test with your favorite knots and I think you will probably see what you are paying for. I mean I pay 25.00 a spool for fc sniper which is made in Japan and I have no qualms saying its the strongest fluorocarbon on the market. I'm talking knot strength, abrasion resistance, diameter. Sunline makes it and its great an American brand is going to have to prove itself. My point is I can get this line at the large corporations for 20.00 a spool but I get it from the local places under the assumption that keeping that money in my area gives it a better chance of working its way back to me.
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