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Default Re: Freaky Finned Carp and a few other fish

I frequently get hammered on my facebook page and blog for fish handling by the European carp guys...and I'm not handling them by the gills, etc. I got beat up pretty good recently over a picture of me holding a fish with one this:

Click the image to open in full size.

I'm all for taking care of the fish, but the extremes they go to in Europe are for reasons that don't exist out here. They are catching the same fish, over and over for 20 some years...they feed the fish, name the fish, and get more and more complicated in the ways to fool 'em. If I was catching a pet, I'd put antiseptic treatment on the hook wounds too. Out here, we are talking about wild, healthy (over healthy often) populations of carp. The fishery is going to be fine, and if the occasional fish does die...well...that is fishing. Granted, we should do our best to keep our fingers out of their gills and fish out of the dirt, but I don't think we need to worry about the slippery slope.

Nice fish.
John Montana

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