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Default Re: Feathers vs Soft Plastic

I participated in a special fishing event that consisted of catching landlocked salmon that were kept alive in order to put them in a new fish hatchery and produce young salmon that would be released in streams. The fishing was done from boats early in the season.

There were 400 fishermen. Of that group, only about a dozen of us fished with streamers. The others opted for swimming lures with only the rear hooks left on the lures. Close to 300 salmon were caught. Of that number, over 80% were caught on streamers. The ratio would have even been higher but after every salmon was captured, it was placed in a live well and was raced over to biologists who removed the hook and placed the salmon in a special holding pen. This going back and forth took away some fishing time.

I used 10X long size 2 streamer hooks on a stiff trolling rod and 20 lb test mono. The fishing was done in a fast flowing river that was about 4 feet deep. I used a rather heavy sinker about 3 or 4 feet in front of the streamer and fished with a rather short line. The stiff rod and strong line permitted me to land the salmon quickly thus reducing fatigue for the fish. I also caught quite a few walleyes on this rig.

Anyway, this is just a story to show that fur and feathers do out-fish wood or plastic.
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