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Default South Holston --Mid June '13

My wife and I are heading down to South Holston in mid-June for a short trip...We plan to wade fish Monday afternoon, float trip on Tuesday, and wade on Wednesday. I've read earlier posts on the SOHO and have a general idea about the river, but we are wondering if anyone can help with some specifics.

1. I understand TVA is currently moving a lot of water down SOHO. Is that likely to still be the case in mid-June? How might this affect wading the river?

2. I've seen a lot of generalities about what flys do well on the SOHO, but which are likely to be good choices for Mid-June?

3. For wading, are there particular access points we should look for? We won't have a lot of time so scouting such a long fishery might be a problem?

4. Are there good restaurants in the area you would recommend? (For my wife, this might be the most critical question!!!!)

Thanks and any other tips would be appreciated.
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