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Default Ordered a new rig today. WOOHOO!

I had an itch to spend money so I ordered a Redington CTX 4pc 10' 8wt from Sierra for $186 shipped with coupon. I also ordered the Hardy Ultralight DD 7000 (7-9wt) in black to match the rod from a fly shop in Wyoming for $299 shipped, and backed along with Rio Grand on it. (I've always backed my own line and tied my own nail knots. Should I unspool and inspect when I get it?)

I'm excited to have it. Is this what is considered to be a switch rod? It's 10' and has the fighting butt end. I think it'll be useful when the wind is blowing my 5wt around too much, and the extra foot at the top will be nice when sitting on the pontoon.

Should be a nice setup. What do you all think?
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