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Default Re: What weight reel for a Sage One 10' 4 wt?

I fish a 10' 5wt Sage RPL that I purchased back in 1992. It is a great nymph rod for bigger rivers and paired with the right line it's quite dry fly savvy as well.

Over the past many years this rod has had several reels lashed to it and each changed the way the rod felt and cast-

1) Lamson LP3. This was the first reel on this rod and it was kind of heavy in my opinion. The added weight of the reel seemed to dampen the action a tad as well as be tiresome after a long day on the water.

2) Sage 5200. The 5000 series reels made by Sage in the 90s were pretty much an Abel. It was lighter than the Lamson but still a tad heavy for what I was after. Thinking back it may have been the 5300.

3) Sage 707. After some looking around I found one of the Sage 700 series reels that were made in Sweden by Loop/Danielsson. Even though this reel was made for a 7wt rod they are very very light. When I put this reel on my 5wt the rod seemed to come alive. I moved the Sage 5000 series to my 10' 6wt Steelhead rod.

4) Abel Super 5N. This is the current reel and the one pictured in my avatar. This reel feels that it was made specifically for this rod. Perfection.

So, with all that said if the 10' 4wt were mine I would look very hard at an Abel Super 4N, a Bauer or go vintage with a Sage 505 or 705. A J Ryall number 4 would rock also. In any case that is a great rod and I would want an equally great reel on it.
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