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Default Re: Big man waders

I am a big man. Very big 6'5" 325 lbs, depending what I eat for dinner. I have a 30"ish inseam, size 15-16 shoe, wear a 46 pant, and a 56 jacket.

If you are as big as me you have two options (one really) either Patagonia or Simms.

I had the Patagonia Rio Gallegos in XXLK briefly earlier this year for about three months. There were pretty good, but not great. They were a little tight in the crotch and I felt as if I had a constant wedgie. The neoprene booties were actually too big, if you can imagine that. I would have way too much material stacked up in my size 16 boots. Other than that they were good. Easily converted to waist highs for hot days. Never leaked, lots of features I wish Simms would include in their waders, and cheaper that their Simms counter parts - but they are made off shore...

Simms - freaking incredible. I have had the old school Classic Guide model forever now in a size 3xl. Like five or six years maybe even seven years now. Just started to leak and I put my waders through hell. Probably close to bomb proof. They should probably put my waders in their magazine as a tribute, but I digress. Simms waders fit perfect with plenty of room under them for layering. I am hoping for a new pair this summer and will have the G3 waders and will probably have them customized here. Made in America up in MT.

Another option for you, depending on size, may be wader pants like these. If ease of walking and relief from heat it what you're looking for. Also try layering some with a heat specific garment from Columbia or Under Armour.

See ya in the boot thread!

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