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Default Re: acceptable distance for 9' 5 wt.

Originally Posted by jmhall87 View Post
If your throwing double nymph rigs be careful with that double haul you will get tangled up FAST. also 40 in few months isn't bad at all I learned way slower than that. It was probably a year before I got better than that or even knew it was possible. But a few internet videos and some time spent practicing I can unload about 90 feet of line under optimal conditions. I wanna try a faster rod but the money isn't there right now
"double nymph"? If I had a double nymph, I wouldn't be...yeah, seriously, I sometimes think I am expecting too much too soon.



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Originally Posted by fly_guy12955 View Post
The optimal casting distance for a 9' , 5wt is from you to the fish.

Seriously, you will find a way to do it every time.

Necessity is a muther than causes invention as needed.
Well, that's a thought. You're right, of course. And as far as golf, I never understood a game where there was no defense.

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