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Default Re: Southwestern Trout Wander

Thanks guys, it's definitely a great area.

First time we did the San Juan was in January and it wasn't to crowded even though it was over New Years. This time was early May and I think there were actually less people there. The fly shops told us it dies down every year through the month of May for some reason. We would get up early and fish for hogs up by the dam then move down river when people started showing up. We were pretty stoked to have big sections all to ourselves.


I would spend the money on the Jet Boat at least once. Up river really is an amazing place to fish. Last couple trips seems like we are averaging smaller fish and most of them this trip seemed a little thin to me. The local guides said they are getting plenty of healthy fish though so it might have just been the window we hit.

The walk in holds plenty of fish but you can rent a boat from Cliff Dwellers (good guys at the shop) for about $200. If you go mid week you can get huge stretches all to yourself and the scenery is really incredible. The average fish is smaller in my opinion compared to a lot of rivers but its probably the prettiest canyon I've ever fished.

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