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Default First Aid Kit?!.....

I'd like to know if other people are carrying a first aid kit. I try to carry a small one with Key items! But what are they? The first aid kit i carry in my vest is about the size of my Perrine #97 fly box. I try to carry items i think would be useful for more trip. Which includes sharp hook's, fire's, and backbreaking hikes! I have a Sling, bandages,ammonia mini packs,mini iodine packets,fingerbrace,neosporin,band aids,cue tips,burn treatment,tweezers,eyewash,butterfly bandages and alcohol wipes. It seems like a lot, But surprisingly it weighs about 8oz. and is a nice fit in my fly vest. I dont think im paranoid by having my small kit i would just like to be semi ready. What do you all think about small first aid kits. Have em, leave em? What would your priorities be in a first aid kit????
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