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Default Re: Need help building a starter kit

Originally Posted by philbush1127 View Post
I wanna start to tie my own flies and have no idea where to even start. Does anybody know of a company that makes like a whole starter kit with tools and vice? Does anybody have one they would like to sell to me?
As was mentioned, Wapsi makes several pretty good starter kits. Cabela's also has several kits. If you are unsure of whether you will will continue to tie after trying it out, any of these kits is a good start. That said, if the bug really bites you and you know that you will continue to tie, you might be better off spending a bit more money and getting some good quality tools and materials from the outset. The Wapsi kit will give you a good idea of basic tools (add a whip finisher) and for material start with patterns you use the most.

I recently got back into fly fishing and tying after about a 20 year hiatus and bought some inexpensive tools and material just to get back into it. Within weeks I was back at the store buying better quality tools and lots of material. I got the bug real bad
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