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Default Re: What do I really need in a fly reel?

I am by far no expert but when I was shopping around for a reel for my 5wt I wanted something that was durable and reliable. Plain and simple. I didn't need a ton of drag but something that could slow a larger fish I was not intentionally intending to target. I use my 5wt mostly for trout but occasionally will hook into some large bass and carp and am glad I had some drag when I needed it. A good drag can be overkill on small streams and rivers, but is rather be over-gunned than under for sure, you never know what you will get on the other end sometimes. As far as good budget minded trout reels go, can't go wrong with a Lamson Konic or even Guru (depending on budget limit), I've also heard good things about Allen reels particularly the Trout II. Again, lots of options out there. I myself like machined (Guru), drag and low maintence... hence the Lamson recommendation. Hope this helps
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