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Default Re: What do I really need in a fly reel?

As far as arbor size I prefer large...yes it picks up line faster but also puts less "line-memory" on your fly line. But with greater diameter arbor, more torque is put on the reel thus necessatating a stronger drag. Like one of the previous posters stated, start up intertia is one of the more intrigal aspects of any good trout reel if you were ever to fight a fish off the reel...any sudden jerky or sticking of the drag will definitely pop a fish off no matter how good your knots are, meant to protect light tipets. Again, you can get away with a click and pawl type reel especially if all you fish for are small trout and what not...but it's nice to have something that can contend with the big boys if needed...especially in a 5wt. Lamson has a number of videos you can watch on YouTube or their site itself, very informative...they definitely stand behind their prouducts.
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