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Default I didn't know he could do that!

Well, after the last thread about me liking to fish alone, I brought my 21-year-old son fishing tonight. He said he would like to try to fish again. He was having a bad, bad day and he agreed he may as well go.

To give you a little insight, he has not fished since he was very young, like 8 or 9. He hooked a little bluegill about as big as HIS little hand, excluding fingers. It somehow sucked down an entire worm on a #6 hook and it ended up protruding out of its eye. Of course, it was dead, especially when an 8- or 9-year-old was trying to pry the hook out.

Well, that experience just crushed him for some reason. He refused to ever go again. (Well, lie, he did fish once with a friend in Erie for a couple hours and caught a fish but he was sort of forced to go and didn't have a great time.)

I was surprised when he wanted to go tonight but he needed to talk. Pretty neat having an adult talk with your son. He was amazed as I put together my fly rod but soon got bored and went off with his spinning gear and stated to fish. He darn near caught one on his first cast but was skunked the next 40 minutes or so. Meanwhile, I was catching bluegill all over the place on the fly rod, and some descent sized ones for where we were fishing.

I noticed he was having a rough time with the spinning rod. I tried to help him out a few times but he wasn't in the mood for unsolicited advice, so I backed off. He is not overly coordinated and a lot of his casts hit the water about 15-feet from him splashing water all over the place. His retrieve was horrible but he never fished before!

It was just about dark and he said he was ready to go but he wanted to try my fly rod. All I can really do is roll cast and and I showed him. I gave him the rod and backed way off because I had no clue where that hook was going.

He loaded up his first cast...I hold my breath...force my eyes to stay open...hoping the hook won't find his neck and/or the line won't end up in a ball...then it happened...a near flipping perfect cast!!!

I told him a lot of people would pay to have a cast like that--even me--especially for his first cast. I told him to do it again...and again...and again... They were all very good casts. He is no pro, obviously, and he needs to learn how to hold his hand since he has his thumb over his fingers like a fist, but, hey!!!

I had his cast and slowly retrieve and cast again. I made him do this until he caught a fish. He couldn't set the hook on four of them but the fifth one was a charm! It was a crappie, but a good sized one! Fought real nice and his fin was sharp as a bunch of pins.

Wow. I didn't know he could do that and neither did he. I saw some cheap, old fiberglass 6-wt rods on Craig's List recently. I have a junkie 6-wt reel with junkie line on it but it works. I may have to get him that rod. He did a fine job.

And after he saw he did well AND he caught a fish, his mood was 180-degrees different on the way home. I may have him hooked!!!

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” –Henry David Thoreau
Time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana.” –Groucho Marx
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