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Default Re: Cast piling up

Originally Posted by derelict View Post
So, Im getting better at the snap t but am having a problem with the shooting head/ leader piling up and not laying out straight. Every once in a while it does but Im not too sure why. I am slowly getting more line out there Im currently only able to get about 20 yards of running line out but more practice will get it there (10'10" 6wt w/ 360 grain heads). The piling makes things annoying. What am I doing wrong?
Wow, 20 yards of running line! I agree with Ard that seems way too much to me for an 11ft rod. Are you using a heavy shooting head or something ghastly like that? I suggest you throw that a way and get yourself a lovely proper spey line and enjoy your casting again!

For effective fishing distance I suggest you aim to cast a maximum of 6x rod length. (reel to fly). So a 15ft rod would cast 30 yards OR LESS for enjoyable fishing. You can belt it out more if you want but I for one want to come off the water relaxed and fit having enjoyed my day!

Using this rule your 11ft rod would comfortably spey cast 66ft or 22 yards (max).

So in short the answer is try to cast less far and almost effortlessly but with much better presentation. Spey casting is joy when it is like this.

I would also suggest you lower the top hand on your grip too (if it is too high). Often a high top hand leads to top hand dominance and pushing the rod which often results in poor turnover.


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