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So, I think I figured it out. I fish on a pretty wide river lined with rocks so its difficult at times to reach out and touch the deep areas where the Shad, Striped Bass, etc... are hanging out. Perhaps 20 yards of running line is a little on the big side but its about 12 to 15 I guess. I set out for some practice in the living room with my practice rod and think I figured it out. My rod is unloading and then reloading because the backward motion isnt flat. I definitely am introducing a bit of a dip so when my rod gets into the 'firing position', its basically already unloaded. Ill be working on that. Some casts are better than others but I think that I have identified the issue. Its only really my third time out in the water with it.

As for just lining with a spey line, I kind of like my shooting head set up. Ive got a fast sink leader, (about 28 feet) scandi head, and then the running line. It gets my flies out there pretty nicely.
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